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Awarded for maintaining sound permission-based email marketing and list management
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Pam is best qualified to present your products to the market, generate leads, and increase sales. Pam has earn two important certifications. She is certified in The Application of FTC Law to Dietary Supplements, and has certification in DSHEA compliance for Dietary Supplements covering FDA regulations.




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Below is a list of services Pam Magnuson offers:

Direct Mail

Use direct mail to invite prospects to your next trade show, to introduce a new product or process. Direct mail is powerful, creates a good impression, and is the number one marketing method among many marketers. You can enclose a number of pieces in one envelope. You can mail the literature, invitations, and trade show announcements. Direct mail is classy.


All websites should either act as lead-generation machines, or order-generation tools. Which initiative does your support? If your website is a “brochure” website, you’re losing business and ROI.

Flyers and
Sell Sheets

The old stand-bys are as effective today as they ever were. Sales people use them, hand them out to booth visitors, and use them for introductory material with a new prospect. Rave about your new discovery, and brag about your problem-solving capabilities.


What’s your offer? You must have an attractive offer if you are marketing anything. Websites, brochures, print ads, e-mail campaigns, and just about everything else needs to include an offer. Your offer can be a free report, free samples, or other incentive. An offer perks up your prospect’s interest. It’s a reward for discussing business with you.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail may be the new kid on the advertising block, but using just any old copy will waste your time and effort. There’s a fine art to this medium from crafting the subject line, to writing the all-important first paragraph, to the offer, and the close. Learn more about this low-cost, high-return marketing tool.

Newsletters and Brochures

A newsletter or e-zine is vital to your total marketing strategy. This is not only a vehicle to tell about things your company is doing, but is a powerful tool to improve customer retention. A newsletter also warms your leads from cold to hot. They get to know more about you with a newsletter, and the result is trust—enough trust to order. Brochures will always have a place in marketing. They are an important introduction to your company and products. They’re usually small enough to fit in a #10 envelope, and are useful to your sales team.

Case Studies

Marketers often overlook case studies. Case studies provide credible proof about your product. They’re short, perhaps only a couple of pages, and they provide proof that your product does what you say it will. They are often a result of an interview with a satisfied customer, and will read that way. This is a powerful marketing tool you’ll want in your arsenal.


Make sure your branding is professional quality and consistent in every aspect of your marketing. This is one of the subjects discussed in my free report, Are Your Nutraceutical Website Visitors Flying Away To The Competition? Request your PDF now to get more information.

Copy Critique

If you’re writing material in-house for your website or trade show literature, get a critique. I’ll read your copy and suggest ways to improve it. When you read How to Have a Successful Project Everytime—Guaranteed, which is free with your newsletter subscription, you'll learn all about the power of the Creative Brief. Click here to order.

Copy Edit

This is a step beyond the copy critique. Your project will then have the voice and winning structure of professional writing.

Dear Pam,
You did a great job on this critique. It was very thorough, covered all key issues and provided us guidance for moving forward. We are very grateful for the thought and energy you provided. Clearly you and your company are skilled at evaluating and making strategic suggestions for change. Thanks again for your support of our work./p>

We look forward to working with you more in the future.

Wayne Silverman, PhD
Chief Administrative Officer
American Botanical Council

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