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When you browse through the following articles, you’ll find a wealth of information and proven marketing techniques that will significantly boost your marketing results.

Pam has written many articles on various marketing topics: Email Marketing, Trade Show Marketing, Websites and more. In addition, you’ll find a host of marketing tips that will show you the secret of repetition, the value of testing, and the power of emotions.

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Email Marketing Articles

Email Marketing Essentials for 2008
We all love email. Email is great! Email is fast.  Email goes right to the desk of our targeted customer. Email is easy – or is it?
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“Email Marketing Essentials for 2008”
-- Published in Natural Products Insider Magazine, Vol. 13, No.2 February, 2008

If they don’t open it, they won’t read your message.
Everybody loves email marketing. It’s fast, it doesn’t cost much at all, and you can write a really heart-felt message.  You can write a message you hope every one on your list will read. But, will they?
It can be a major problem. How do you get recipients to open your important message? 
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Goal Setting Articles

Five Tips For Success in 2008
If you don't mindfully plan, it just isn't going to happen. Sure, we'd all like to have more business. But, what does that really mean? What kind of customer do you want? Who? How often do you really want to make that great sale? Do you really believe it's doable? Or, do the gremlins of "doubts and fears" creep into your mind?
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2007: Your Best Year Yet!

This is the time of year when many people look back over the previous twelve months to examine what went well, and what didn’t. They have moments of pleasure remembering triumphs large and small. Perhaps there’s also moments of regret about things they did, or failed to do.
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The Language of Marketing and Federal Regulations Articles

The Language of Nutraceutical Marketing
We face a special challenge in the nutraceutical/functional foods industry. As Marketing Copywriters, we can’t simply say exactly what a product does. Even if all of the research indicates Product X is a weight loss aid, or relieves joint pain, or boosts the immune system—we can’t say that. The FTC and FDA have highly stringent guidelines about marketing and advertising dietary supplements.
So, how on earth can we sell our product to people who would benefit from it?

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What Can You Say When You Can’t Say Anything?
You’re excited, and elated. Clinical trials have proven conclusively that your new product works. It’s like being in love – you want to shout it from the rooftops! You’ve developed a dietary supplement that will really help people with anemia, or arthritis, or obesity, or macular degeneration.
Then your elation dims, as you remember the strictures of FDA/FTC regulations for dietary supplements. You may be in love, but you can’t tell the world about how wonderful your new product is. You can’t cite your clinical trials, and list all your references that prove the efficacy and safety of your new product. You can’t publish all those glowing testimonials.

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Marketing Tips Articles

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Bullets in an email, in a letter, or on your web site are fast at getting the point across to a busy reader. The reader appreciates them. They convey your main points in an organized fashion and are quick to read.
To get the most out of bullets there are a few tricks to using them that you’ll want to apply to email and web sites.

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“Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!”
-- Published in “Get Great Clients” ezine, by Marketing Copywriter Chris Marlow, June, 2008

Get Attention with a Flashbulb Moment
Do you ever envy movie stars and famous dignitaries? People crowding around them for a chance to catch a glimpse of someone famous. Flashbulbs going off, and turning night into day.
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Love, Fear, Lust, Envy, Pride
Those are power-filled words that move us all to some kind of action. Just reading them evokes a response deep within us. This is part of the mystery of human nature.
We all learned about the power of emotions in Marketing 101, but it was a long time ago, and the edge dulls over time. Let's sharpen the edge again.

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Testing, Testing, Testing
One... Two... Three... Testing. Every emcee tests to be sure the microphone is working right. He wants to be certain everyone can hear what going to be said.
You, as a busy marketer, are the emcee for your company’s sales and marketing projects. If your “microphone” isn’t working well, only a few people will hear your message. Testing is a means of ensuring your marketing messages have the greatest impact possible.

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The Secret of Repetition
Repetition is the most powerful marketing tool for anchoring an idea, fact or concept. Marketing people have been using repetition for generations. You see it used in tag lines, musical jingles, theme marketing, and branding.
In grade school you learned multiplication tables by memorizing: "2 X 4 = 8. 6 X 5 = 30." Over and over you repeated the numbers until it was seared into your subconscious mind. It worked. Now, decades later, you only need to think: "9 X 6," and your mind instantly supplies the answer: 54. This is the power of repetition.

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What Have You Got To Offer?
Hopefully, you know about offers:  why they're important, and what they can do for the bottom line.  You know to include offers in all your marketing communications, especially on your website:  “We'll do this for you if you do that for us…”  “Here's what we'll give you, if you do one simple thing…” Offers boost lead-generating sites right up into the sky.
But, the stumbling block for all marketing is the type of offer to give.  Do you offer them things? Services? Discounts? What shall we offer our prospects?

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What's Your Offer?
When you put up a web site, craft a brochure, design trade show literature, or send a direct mail or email letter, you’re hoping to generate a response of some sort. Perhaps your material is “lead generating.” That means, you want people who are interested in learning more to allow you to contact them. Or, perhaps, it is “sale generating.” You want the reader to buy your product.
The offer you feature can be the turning point that determines your success. Many B to B marketing executives are under the impression that offers are primarily for consumer products, or B to C activities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone responds to an offer.

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Who REALLY is Your Customer?
In this day and age of complicated selling and marketing challenges, we are no longer just "selling" to the consumer.  If you're a B2B company – selling your product to end-source manufacturers and distributors, you need to realize you're not just selling to one person.
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Trade Shows Articles

Preparing For Your Next Trade Show Exhibit:
It's a Formal Dance in Business Casual…
A trade show is similar to a formal dance, or perhaps, a prom, where everyone is dressed in business casual, rather than a tuxedo or long dress.
Everyone there wants to be noticed and to be liked.  But, some get lots of attention, while others will know the pain of being a "wallflower."
Like the Prom, trade shows are expensive.  So how can we ensure your popularity, and reduce the chance of being left waiting while others are dancing?

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Preparing For Your Next Trade Show Exhibit:
Have Them Lining Up At Your Booth…

The game’s afoot…who will be the lucky one to have a full dance card, at the Trade Show Prom?
Those who know how to attract a partner will be busy entertaining visitors, chatting up their stuff, and wowing the crowd. The busy ones will have attracted visitors to their booths, with great incentives and rewards. How do you give a prospect something to look forward to, when he visits your booth?
You do it by motivating them to put your booth on their “must see” list. When you combine all your marketing tools into a single, themed focus for your booth, you create an irresistible attraction.

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Trade Show Follow Up - Harvest Your Best Crop, Ever!
When autumn comes, it brings the time of harvest.  Golden leaves, crisp days, rain and snow in the forecast.  It's now time to harvest the crop you've tended so carefully.  In our business, that means FOLLOW UP. Follow up is the harvesting of the prospects you gleaned from this year's Trade Show.  If the sales team doesn't follow up on this ripe crop, your company would have saved a lot of money by simply staying home. You made excellent contacts at the trade show.  What's going to happen, now? 
How will you nurture those companies, follow up with them, and convince them you really are the one they need?

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Web Site Articles

Who Are These People, Anyway?

Your web site reader has read your Home Page, and is interested enough to dig deeper into your site. The questions in his mind are, "Who are these people? Can they be trusted? Do they have the experience to know what they're doing? Are they a real, or a phony operation?"
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Get Your Lazy Website Working Hard
In the early days of web site development, marketers thought a web site was simply an on-line brochure. They copied the brochure information format to the Internet.
But now, contemporary marketers realize that a web site is an exciting opportunity for lead generation and on-line sales. Turning your web site into a powerful marketing machine involves more than just reciting facts. Convert those facts to meaningful benefits by understanding what your customer needs. Then you'll be turning lead into gold.

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“Get Your Lazy Website Working”
--Published in Natural Products Insider Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 12 November, 2007

The Debate Rages On: Long Copy or Short Copy?
Every one has an opinion about this subject. Some people think short copy is best because people will read it in a hurry. They believe the reader won’t take the time to scroll all the way down to the bottom of long copy.
Some marketers believe long copy is best. It gives you space and time to tell your story. You can detail all the benefits of the product. You have time to really dig down into the meat of why your consumer should buy your product.
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There’s No Place Like Home
What is the most important page of your web site?
No, it’s not the Order page, or the Product Page. It’s not even the “About Us” page.
The most important page of your web site is the Home Page.
There’s simply no place like home.
What is the function of your home page? What does it do for your web site?

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What Are You Selling?
In the past few years, I've analyzed over 1,000 nutraceutical and dietary supplement web sites, probably including yours.
The product page is where many marketers drop the ball. Many product pages are simply a list (long or short) with the name of the product, sizes available, and perhaps some statistical information. It’s sort of a "Here it is. Take it or leave it," approach.

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