Magnuson Copywriting - Upgrade your nutraceutical web site to increase leads and ROI


Magnuson Copywriting - Upgrade your nutraceutical web site to increase leads and ROI

Awarded for maintaining sound permission-based email marketing and list management
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A short biography of Pam

Pam Magnuson is uniquely qualified to present your products to the marketplace and gain a greater market share of ROI for your company.

Pam has studied nature since she was a child. As an only child living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, her companions were her horse, dog, and the plants. Always the plants! She marveled at the beauty of tiny Shooting Star blossoms, chewed pine needles because they tasted good, and watched late summer grass heads swell with seeds.

Even as a child, she knew in her heart there was power and mystery there, hidden in the fragile petals of a flower.

Her deep love of the plants led her to 30 years of self-study and two years of formal training in herbal medicine. Today, Pam grows over 60 varieties of medicinal herbs in her garden.

At the University of Colorado, Pam acquired a solid foundation in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology, before moving on to complete her degree in Journalism/Advertising. She learned how create buyer desire, and persuade him to purchase.

Her extensive travels and broad range of experience have shaped Pam Magnuson into a versatile copywriter with insight into your unique needs.

She single-handedly introduced Bangkok to direct mail before there was even so much as an Addressograph, then crossed the ocean to learn the finer points of printing at an agency in Denver. Pam also worked in newspaper, radio and television, and spent many years in sales in California and Oregon.

Pam spends her free time with her family, tending her garden, and painting landscapes and flowers in pastel. The exquisite mystery of flowers fascinates her as much today as it did when she was a child.

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Pam Magnuson is a freelance copywriter who speaks your language. She understands business priorities, deadlines, and the power of thoughtfully chosen words. Her professional experience as a Hypnotherapist, and in Neural Linguistic Programming, will give you deep, persuasive word magic to increase your ROI.

When you select a copywriter to promote your products, you need someone who believes in your products, someone who understands the scientific terminology involved, and a person with solid knowledge and experience in the field of advertising and marketing.

That copywriter is Pam Magnuson. Pam is best qualified to present your products to the market, generate leads, and increase sales. Pam has earned two important certifications. She is certified in The Application of FTC Law to Dietary Supplements, and has certification in DSHEA compliance for Dietary Supplements covering FDA regulations.

Enjoy all the advantages of working with a copywriter who knows how to increase your sales in every category.

Professional Memberships:

  • American Botanical Council
  • American Marketing Association
  • United Plant Savers
  • Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry (CANI)
  • Toastmasters International

If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event, just let me know. I do that as well. Learn more here on my public speaking page.

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